Five Things You Didn’t Know About MJ’s “Thriller”

Michael Jackson Billie Jean single

“Quincy Jones also didn’t want the song to appear on ‘Thriller’.”[HP]

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” remains the best selling album of all time (take that, One Direction!) but there are some surprising things about the album that even its most ardent diehard fans may not know. NME has taken the liberty of digging into the album’s history and unearthing 30 secrets fans never knew until now, among them the following:

1. Quincy Jones absolutely hated the song’s bassline.

2. Jones was dead set against the song appearing on “Thriller.”

3. Jackson recorded the song (are you ready for this?) by singing into a six-foot cardboard tube!

4. Jackson recorded the track’s vocals in one take. Yup, he was that good.

5.”Billie Jean” underwent almost 100 mixings before it was released to the public.