The G-Ride: Kim & Kanye Cruise Around L.A. Looking For A New Home

The G-Ride!

It’s nice to see that Kanye’s continuing to dig himself a deeper & more painful hole from which he’ll have to inevitably climb out of once shit hits the fan w/ Kim Kardashian. As we’ve been saying since their relationship first started, even though Kanye’s pretty much M.I.A. from the music scene these days, once heartbreak sets in, I feel like he’ll create some of the best music of his career (assuming that’s even possible). If tragic breakups can work for chicks like Adele & annoying chicks like Taylor Swift, then why the fuck not Kanye West? With all that in hand, who’s the real winner at the end?

For those of you who missed it, Kim created quite a commotion yesterday after stating that she’ll keep her kid out of the reality TV scene & not capitalize on the pregnancy by pimping weight loss programs & selling baby photos, but judging by her history, we gotta call her bluff. Kim’s mom is normally great at whoring out her daughters, but with Kanye in the mix, it kinda changes the entire family dynamics since Kim is the family’s unofficial breadwinner. It’ll be very interesting to see how things ultimately go b/c once the sex & love get old (and trust us, everything will get old), Kanye will be left w/ a family full of extremely annoying chicks and a pimp-of-a-mom who tries to make money off them. This thing has the potential to get really dirty.

As if she didn’t already have all the cameras pointed in her direction with the pregnancy news, here are photos of Kim trying to keep the cameras off herself by wearing see-thru workout gear…simply amazing.
Kim Kardashian leaves the gym in Los Angeles, California