BREAKING!! Charlize Theron Arrives With Baby Jackson in LAX!

Charlize Theron looks stunning in blue pants as she arrives back in Los Angeles with her son Jackson Theron.

Aaaw, it’s nice to see that there’s at least one Jackson that’s living the life, all thanks to THE CELEBRITY ADOPTION SUPER LOTTERY, of course. The beautiful Charlize Theron, who’s been sporting a short hairdo as of late while filming “Mad Max: Fury Road,” was spotted arriving back into Los Angeles with her son Jackson. The little dude looked pretty damn serious as the two walked through LAX, but we’re pretty sure he was a little jet lagged, even though he probably had his own seat in first class—little bastard!!

  • xenia

    awww..i love them both…

  • GrgeCdnBastard

    How can Jackson post here when he is so young?

  • skilligan

    cute little boy, good for her

  • Yikes

    That’s one ugly baby!