Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Bel-Air Home Photos: The Neighbor’s House Looks Better

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly splashed out nearly $11 million for this Mediterranean style mansion located in a guard gated community near Bel Air. The 9,000 square foot hime has 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and was originally built in 2010. According to the realtors description, the homes features include;  a magnificent two-story entrance with black walnut parquet floors, cathedral living room with stone fireplace, a great room with beamed ceiling features a bar with leaded windows, fireplace and wine cellar, gourmet custom kitchen flows to the rear yard with an 800 square foot pavilion and BBQ. An elevator to the second floor and master suite, balconies, and serene views.

These are obviously just aerial views, but I’m sure pics of the interior will soon leak online. What’s unbelievable to me is that a dude like Kanye will be moving into a frickin’ neighborhood cul-de-sac, of all places. Sure it’s a neighborhood of obscenely rich & probably famous people, but I always felt Kanye was on another level—kind of like, say, Michael Jackson. He was supposed to be a little elusive & above the rest of us robots. Having said that, I feel like once the guy hooked up with a chick like Kim Kardashian, it kind of downgraded his entire aura to more normal & slightly cheaper type of wealth & fame. It sucks that a chick can have such a powerful effect on somebody’s reputation, but hey, when your fame is rooted by a video featuring you getting pounded in the ass, it just comes with the territory.

We’d love to say that Kanye’s pad is the best one in the neighborhood, but judging by his neighbor’s house, that’s unfortunately not the case. Let’s just say Kanye’s friend Jay-Z, if he were consulted, would probably disapprove of the purchase. But then again, $11 mil is a drop in the bucket for a true power couple like Jay-Z & Beyonce, so it’s an unfair comparison.

Here are some specs on the Mediterranean style mansion, which is located in a guard gated community near Bel Air. Originally built in 2010, the home features 9,000 square feet of living space with five bedrooms & seven bathrooms. Check the gallery for more details on the interior.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly splashed out nearly $11 million for this Mediterranean style mansion located in a guard gated community near Bel Air;

  • skilligan

    maybe they’ll renovate to keep up with the neighbors

    • MoeJackson

      skilligan good call. Read that they’re planning on adding another 4-5000 sqft. Pad looks sweet, but aren’t these places a little too close to each other? I thought $11 million also meant some privacy…

      • skilligan

        MoeJackson way too close for comfort for that cost

        • Megs Attitude

          skilligan MoeJackson Unreal – 11 mil for that? My 100k place has a bigger yard and I don’t have to use those dinky little trees to keep eyes out of my yard. Don’t care how exclusive the neioghbourhood is – that’s a rip-off.

  • Bozz

    Goddang, I wonder how it feels to be that rich.

  • MundoLopez1

    And for what? you know they are going to split as soon as the kid is born…I don’t see Kanye as a one woman dude anyway, neither does she…but the whole house and everything with it, I”m sure was Kimo’s idea, she probably paid for it too…or at least most of it…

    • MoeJackson

      MundoLopez1 no way, man. you really think Kim picked up the tab for their love-nest?!?!?
      I think you’re underestimating Kanye’s lunacy. The guy is fucking crazy. I think the dude is actually in love w/ this chick. Nobody likes it, but that’s obviously what’s up…

      • MundoLopez1

        MoeJackson MundoLopez1 Well you might be right, but what I have seen of Kimo is that she’s been trying to get a man so bad (black of course) and get knocked up…it was pretty obvious she didn’t want to get behind her sisters…so there’s no telling how far she would go just to catch a dude and keep him, even to the point of dishing out some loot herself…that engagement ring she got from who was it? I lost count, later it was said she bought it herself….I don’t know but in the end she’s going to get what she wanted anyway, if this dude splits, she’s going to get a nice alimony with childsupport, plus the house if it is true this dumb dude bought it…she’s going to make out like a champ, either way…

  • srjr

    It super easy to see all the pics of the house. Just go on google and type inthe name of the gated community and there is a link on there of all the homes in there for sale. This yellow mediterranean one is the only one thst is 10.7million so it was obvious this was the one they bought. All the interior pics can be seen as well

  • AnnaFresa1

    MundoLopez1 you were obviously wrong