Bar Refaeli Workin’ It For Israel-based Fox Clothing

Bar Refaeli - Fox Clothing Ad Campaign

It’s nice to see Bar Refaeli showing love to a company based back home in Israel, but not everyone was happy when the company first signed the Israeli supermodel as their brand ambassador. Here’s more:

In 2008, Fox encountered criticism and faced a potential consumer boycott in Israel when they signed Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, who avoided Israel’s mandatory military service via a nuptial exemption for a marriage lasting a short period of time, on a $300,000 campaign deal. Fox responded by having Rafaeli plan to act as an IDF “Enlistment Officer” and visit injured soldiers at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer every time she arrives in Israel. [Source]

  • skilligan

    i have questioned it for a long time but she is clearly elite

  • xenia

    She’s pretty.. Not cute enough for my taste but i like her.

    • xoox what is it you don’t like about ? Just curious

    • curvefan

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      • xenia

        cowbulls xoox my english is bad so i guess i said something what i didn’t mean because i like her and she is pretty.. Her lips could be fuller and her eyes a little rounder.. But she’s still gorgous.

      • cowbulls xoox yeah being a slut is the best ..

  • curvefan

    Bar has a great body and she uses it as a hot commodity. The only problem I have is I don’t have the money to play in her league.