MIAMI: Claudia Romani Looking Beautiful In A Bootilicious White Bikini

Claudia Romani White Bikini Pics from Miami

As per her recent Tweet, Claudia’s wearing bikini designed by Masquenada. Hit their site for more.

We’ve seen Claudia Romani in countless bikinis over the past year, but I gotta admit, this is by far my favorite one. The bombshell Italian model was seen back on the beach workin’ her bikini body for the papz yesterday afternoon. She has promised that 2013 is gonna be a special year, so it’s nice to see that she’s kicking things off beautifully…

Also, this is one of the first photos in which Claudia actually took off her shades! I know a number of you bastards were pointing out the fact that we’ve never seen Claudia’s eyes. Well, what’s the official take?