November / December: Top Commenters & Other News


We finally got Livefyre fully implemented (they finished importing all our old comments on December 31st), so let’s see how comment traffic picks up as we move through 2013 (we’re going to be very, very patient). I know a number of you guys have pointed out the lack of support for images in the comments, but after fooling around with things a bit, we’re learning that it’s very random. It seems to automatically post images from certain image hosts, while just posting links from others. If any of you figure it out, let us know & we’ll spread the news. Videos from YouTube, on the other hand, show up perfectly fine when you paste the link to the video in the comment.

Aside from that, we’re currently in search for a capable WordPress developer to implement a few more tweaks, so if you have any major issues, please sound off below (or contact us directly) and we’ll definitely add that to the list of fixes.

Besides renaming the site back to & scraping the current site & going back to the old site, what’s the #1 thing we should concentrate on when doing updates? Also, does anybody use that big featured box at the top w/ the dates? We’re thinking about replacing the tabs with popular categories or possibly even scrapping it all together. And finally, what does the Catwalks section need in order to generate more love?

Top Commenters
Just so that more people can get a slice of the pie, we’re going to choose top five people from the previous month as opposed to just three. All winners will get the same prize b/c you’re all equally special (wink) and the biggest change of all is that a single person can only win for two consecutive months, after which they gotta sit out for a month. Hope that makes sense.

With that in hand, let’s go over our November & December winners (apologies for the delay):

November (in no particular order):

December (in no particular order):

Again, a big thank you to everyone else who wastes a few minutes of their day on the site b/c we know there are plenty of other options & thanks especially to all you winners. If your name is listed above, please contact us & we’ll email you your $20 Ebay certificate.