Kanye West’s Popularity Takes a Kardashian-Sized Hit


“West’s fragile popularity has indeed made a southbound U-turn in the past half year.”[HP]

Okay, we all felt a teeny bit bad for Kanye West when President Obama called him a “jackass”. (The Prez was right, by the way). But this latest wound is completely self-inflicted.

According to the people at E-Poll Market Research who apparently track things that no one in their right mind would ever consider polling, Kanye West’s popularity has taken a huge hit since April of 2012 when he started dating the world’s most famous Kardashian.

Says E-Poll, “There does appear to there is some sort of fallback or blowback from him hooking up with Kim. One of the things we measure is an attribute called ‘Overexposed’. We find that people use it as a general way of saying, ‘I’ve had it with you. You’ve just gone a little too far.’ I’m guessing his overexposed score is quite high.”

At present, West’s “overexposure” rating stands at 37 percent (the average celeb has a 4 percent overexposure rate). The only person who fares worse in terms of overexposure is . . . Kim Kardashian, who comes in at 62 percent overexposure.

Maybe this means they were made for each other? Either way, this better be one good-looking kid. Otherwise Meal Ticket won’t register on the “Overexposure” scale, which would bring great shame upon the house of Kardashian-West.