Emmy Rossum – Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013

Emmy Rossum - Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2013 (ADDS)

“Shameless” star Emmy Rossum was also on hand at last night’s 18th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. As expected, Emmy looked ultra-cute & sexy. Even though she goes topless in nearly every episode of her hit Showtime series, she still manages to somehow continue looking really innocent.

Don’t know how many of you guys follow “Shameless,” but I’m personally a huge fan. Sadly, I’m only on episode five of the second season, so I gotta stay at home one of these weekends & just watch the rest of the season. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ve watched a single, disappointing episode, so major props to Emmy, as well as the show’s cast & crew for all their hard work.

  • nybiggs

    Looks good in a gown… looks good in sweats running around the city… i like her…

  • bryanzee

    Shameless needs to start already.

    • Mack Power

      bryanzee Totally agree. But have to ask anyone wish there was an episode that for whatever reason Emmy Rossun character would have to with clothes for the who episode?

  • skilligan

    adorable, and she doesn’t mind nudity

    • curvefan

      skilligan And I’m ready to see more of her being nude.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I’ve been in love with her since Phantom. She looks really beautiful here.

  • JimmyBrown1

    Not bad, but a little skinny though.