A quick look at the headlines around the NBA

Milwaukee Bucks v Los Angeles Lakers

The playoffs in the NFL are at it’s apex but I still try to keep up with what’s going with the NBA so i’m trying to run through the main topics at least once a week. My Mavs are having a bad season but recent success has me believing that they can contend for a playoff spot even though that’s still further out. Let’s take a look at what’s going on right now.

Out in the east coast the Miami Heat have been struggling amid lots of controversy, particularly the playing time/shot selection for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The Heat (4-6 in the last 10 game) have caught the attention of my fans because of their inability to find offensive rhythm when it matters most. It’s known that everything goes through LeBron primarily but how much should Wade and Bosh complain that they aren’t getting their looks/playing time? It’s a very long basketball season so every team has their ups and downs but many fans are wondering whether or not it’s a bigger problem. Miami still hasn’t given up the top spot in the east (Knicks have slipped a little) and the Heat won’t be judged until the postseason so don’t hit panic button on them just yet.

Panic button has definitely been hit out in Los Angeles where Bryan’s Lakers have been struggling to find exactly what their team is capable of doing. Last night the Lakers finally looked like the team they were supposed to be from the start against the Bucks but these last two victories have been against bad teams. Key stretch coming up for the Lakers as they face a few of the top teams in league. What i’m looking at is how the team will perform once Pau Gasol, who has been a ghost, comes back into the line up. Gasol seems to be a terrible fit for the D’antoni system so many people are wondering whether or not he’ll be traded before the deadline is up towards the end of next month.

Like I mentioned previously, the eastern conference has looked tighter at the top with the Heat and Knicks struggling a bit as of late. The Pacers and Nets (quietly 9-1 under their new coach) have inched their way to the top of the standings and even the Rose-less Bulls are within range. The race can only get better as the season goes on. Out west it’s all Thunder and Clippers (dealing with the Paul injury very well) fighting for the top spot and the best overall record in the league. I can see the Spurs making a push to contend for the top spot but right now Durant is too good so my money is on the Thunder.