Making sense of the Manti Te’o situation and his future in the NFL


Normally I don’t get that into college football and there are various reasons for that. For starters the university that I attended has a Division 1 program but they always end up in a mediocre bowl. Even in Texas, where football is king, it’s kind of hard to get psyched up knowing that your team will probably up slightly over a .500 record. A bigger reason is because I cannot stand the BCS bowl system and it’s format. I watched some of the Alabama-Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago and even the biggest supporters of the BCS cannot sit there and tell me that those are the two best teams in the country. Who knows, maybe i’ll get to liking it next season when apparently they’re going to have a mini-playoff system.

You’ve seen the story blow up all over Twitter and every sports site online. In case you’re completely shut out from the world sports, an article on DeadSpin (click there) came out yesterday afternoon detailing the report that Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and the story about his girlfriend dying mid-season was all a hoax. It’s a lengthy read but it’s an excellent piece of journalism that basically details how Te’o, a player very well known (Heisman candidate etc.) around the country, was basically living a lie when it came to his off field relationship and what transpired during the season. Normally i’m not one to care too much about a player’s personal life. Whatever happens off the field/court is their business and it only matters to me if it affects their performance as a professional athlete. This story took various headlines because of how bizarre it is from start to finish.

If Te’o really is the victim as he claims to be, how does this affect his NFL stock as he prepares to get drafted in a few months and eventually join the league later this year? No one is questioning his ability as a linebacker. Te’o will likely be a top 10 pick in this year’s draft but teams interested in him will be looking at how stable he is emotionally and psychologically after dealing with such a situation. Every team examines a player thoroughly to determine how much their off the field issues will impact performance and affect the rest of the team as a whole. I don’t remember a situation quite like this but my thoughts are that it will blow over with time. Right now it’s a circus but eventually Te’o will get drafted, start playing for a team and go on with his life and career.