Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Workout Booty Sponsored By Nike

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nike Workout Booty

Rosie Huntington Whiteley was seen leaving the gym showing off that tight little workout booty of hers in in West Hollywood. Apparently her smokin’ tight bod, sexy long legs, and silky smooth skin aren’t enough to keep boyfriend Jason Statham from wanting to go out drinking with the boys. Apparently Rosie isn’t too thrilled with his antics and thinks his friends are a bad influence. She’s gone as far to tell him that he faces losing her if he continues with this behavior. Do you think Statham really cares? He had no problem getting rid of a 25 year-old Kelly Brook so we don’t think he’ll have a problem sending Rosie packing. Rosie, note to self, you’re replacable so just let Jason do his thing because there are a bevy of women ready to drop their panties for Jason the minute he becomes single. You’ll regret life without Jason and will have to go back to kissing Michael Bay’s ass to stay relevant. Our advice, don’t go all psycho girlfriend. Trust us. [Source]

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Nike Workout Booty

  • Spanglylovesheels

    She can be very sexy but I just don’t usually think of her that much.

  • skilligan

    she looks glorious in her workout clothes

  • bryanzee

    Great body

  • mooty

    she looks hot as fuck.. um also just another thing, these and the katrina bowden signing her maxim mag were kinda hiding as they weren’t posted in the Friday Jan 18 archive or the Monday 21 archive.. it was pretty much just luck that I found them.. this isn’t really a complaint just letting you know