Barbara Palvin: Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Catalogue

Barbara Palvin VS Lingerie Catalogue

Barbara Palvin continues to get a nice push from Victoria’s Secret as she appears more and more in their catalogues in mailboxes now. Should we really bother to continue beating on the non-existent rivalry between her and Selena Gomez when it comes to Justin Bieber? Barbara is still only 19 years old so no bother getting her involved in any stupid drama. Let’s just hope she keeps her current VS momentum through the year so that she gets even more love come 2013 VS Fashion Show time… yes, we’re already thinking about that.

  • errsome

    Is it me or there’s something wrong with the way they photoshop her waist in the third pic? And also her face in the first pic?

  • skilligan

    she is going to be scary hot at 25

    • bryanzee

      She’s hot now, 19 > 25

  • johnconnor777

    I hate Victoria Secret photoshopping the shit out of these beauties