Heidi Klum Accompanies Bodyguard Boyfriend Martin Kristen @ Whole Foods

Model Heidi Klum and bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kristen get domestic as they grocery shop at Whole Foods in Los Angeles

The dynamics of Heidi Klum’s relationship with her bodyguard are very interesting to say the least. She started off as his boss & now bangs her bodyguard Martin Kristen whenever she pleases on the pretense that he’s also her boyfriend. So, does that mean he doesn’t get paid anymore or maybe he’s still on the payroll & has to perform all his normal duties along with also sexually pleasuring Heidi? If he’s still getting paid, the arrangement potentially makes him a male gigolo, but if you ask the guy, we’re pretty sure he has no complaints.

If you really think about it, it’s kind of like a dream job, where you start off working for a supermodel & then later transition into her personal sex-toy/employee. Plus, judging by her record of popping out kids, I’m pretty sure Heidi Klum is addicted to sex & wants it at all times. The main drawback of the relationship is that he has to follow Hiedi’s orders 24/7 because let’s face it, he’s totally replaceable. Heidi can get her hands on countless other bodyguards just like Martin Kristen & there’s no reason why she can’t also sleep with them. I don’t know why, but I feel like there’s a lawsuit brewing in this relationship when things inevitably fall apart down the road.