Miranda Kerr Catwalks Her Way To The Local Nail Salon

Miranda Kerr Tight Jeans Booty Nail Salon

Miranda Kerr looked her usual fashionable self as she stopped by Diamond Nails & Spa in West Hollywood. The Aussie supermodel mommy worked the skinny jeans and the serprent print top to chic perfection. Look out for Miranda in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 campaign for Mango.

  • Bozz

    In Before All the Horny Bastard.

    • Bozz

      I believe this is Bastardly’s way of saying, FIRST!!!11!!

      • bryanzee


        I miss the inb4freep days

        • MoeJackson

          bryanzee Bozz who knows, maybe the dude will have a reincarnation in the new setup when he gets bored of wacking off at other sites?

        • bryanzee

          MoeJackson bryanzee Bozz 

          He’s probably on the chloe moretz fan site,  pretending he’s still 16.

  • skilligan

    sexy at everything, walking, talking, driving, getting out of cars

  • amanda

    wow. how many times does this woman go to the spa? how utterly boring and useless. doesn’t she get tired of constantly pimping herself out for others to admire? Is this what life is about? So bored with people’s obsession with celebrities. The only reason a person becomes famous because of their beauty is because in a past life they were completely insecure and extremely unattractive. Now their souls want to experience the other side of the coin and I just cant get past this woman. I see it written all over her face.

    • johnconnor777

      @amanda she is a model, she makes her bacon looking hot, what do you expect? her job is to look good

    • Backwoodsman

      Surprisingly enough, pimping oneself out for others to admire IS what life is about.
      I know, right? – I wouldn’t have thought so either.  But it’s all there in The Book of Life which a group of respected elders wrote centuries ago after talking to spirit incarnate in the flesh.  Oh wait, wrong book, my bad.  The Book of Life was actually discovered under a log in a dried up creek bed, already written!, by a young lad who we later realized was actually the one person out of the 6 billion plus souls on earth at the time who really did know what life’s all about.  No really, he did – I’m not kidding.  Page 376 is the reference btw, 3rd paragraph, if you care to look it up.
      Go figure, but Miranda’s actually on her way to ecclesiastical superstardom, while the rest of the heathens who think there’s something better to do are condemned to, well, to keep on thinking that…  Strange, huh?

      • Bozz

        Backwoodsman wow that is some deep stuff right there.

  • curvefan

    Very few women could make those jeans look hot and Miranda is on that short list.

  • jimbohatesmiley

    cute girl