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Samantha Barks & Emily Blunt: The London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

Emily Blunt arrives at The London Critics' Circle Film Awards held in London

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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These were snapped on Sunday evening in London at The London Critics’ Circle Film Awards. Both ladies obviously looked beautiful, but as always, there can only be one…

The French-language drama film “Amour” won the coveted Film of the Year honors, beating out Hollywood big-dogs like “Argo,” “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” “Life of Pi,” “The Master.” For the full list of nominees & winners, check here.

READ MORE: Amour wins hearts at London Critics’ Circle film awards (The Guardian)

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Is that Jessie J?


What ever happened to that Hot for Emily guy? Did he get his girl? Did he kick MJ 2.0 to the curb like MCIT? Or what?

MoeJackson moderator

Gotta admit, I thought Samantha Barks had this one...