Who Sang It Best at the Inauguration: Beyonce or Jennfier Hudson?


“Beyonce was introduced and the crowd again roared its approval.”[HP]

Some may have grumbled at the choice of Beyonce singing the National Anthem at yesterday’s Presidential Inaguration (Her?? Again?!) but most who heard it thought she did more than a serviceable job to what is probably the hardest song to sing live (that isn’t an opera and wasn’t penned by anyone born in the last 100 years). Beyonce shared the stage at the inauguration with several other major singing acts, including Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, and Katy Perry (who made the gayest inauguration ever hella gayer).

Creepiest Guy in the Audience definitely goes to Clarence Thomas, who applauded like a madman when Beyonce finished her song. Somewhere, Anita Thomas is shaking her head.

The evening saw even more acts, with Jennifer Hudson crooning to “Let’s Stay Together” and then followed by Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keys at the inaugural balls.

So who was your favorite? I know we’re feeling especially non-partisan today (most of us, at least) but don’t be all diplomatic and say “they were all good”.

My favorite? James Taylor singing “America the Beautiful.” The legend brings it every single time.