COUGAR ALERT! Alessia Marcuzzi Needs A New Pose For The Papz!

Alessia Marcuzzi Hits The Beach In Miami

Italian actress & television host Alessia Marcuzzi is currently on vacation in Miami, so we’ll probably see her a couple more times over the next few days before she heads back home to Rome. Earlier in the afternoon she was spotted working on her tan in a grey bandeau bikini. She’s famous for acting in Italian soap operas and for presenting the Italian version of Big Brother, ‘Grande Fratello’.

She’s a 40-year-old mother of two children from two different baby-daddies, so obviously this woman likes to have (unprotected) fun. Any sugar daddies looking to get a piece, Alessia’s apparently single at the moment, having just broken up with her second baby daddy in October 2012. Here’s a snippet from her Wiki reviewing recent relationships:

She had a child without being married with Simone Inzaghi, an Italian former footballer. After their separation, she had an affair with the Italian actor Pietro Sermonti and was engaged with the television host and singer Francesco Facchinetti with whom have a daughter, Mia, born 4 September 2011. They have split in October 2012. Source

Italian TV personality Alessia Marcuzzi, wearing a tiny gray bikini, enjoys a day in the sun in Miami Beach, Florida

  • curvefan

    That’s a damn good body for almost 40.

  • skilligan

    high quality milf here, and she’s loose with the poon

  • lkjskldjfkljds

    why do women suck in their stomachs to the point of their ribs jetting out?  a) it looks bad and b) it screams insecurity.  She obviously has a flat stomach naturally.

    • xenia

      lkjskldjfkljds if it screams insecurity than it tells the truth.. some women (incl. me) think, the thinner the better..

      • xoox lkjskldjfkljds men like tits and ass and inner thighs, no bonez.

      • xoox lkjskldjfkljds men like tits and ass and inner thighs, no bonez.

  • nybiggs

    The last time there was a 40 year old with a body like this was Demi Moore 10+ years ago…

  • johnconnor777

    Elite MILF, I´d love to be her toy boy

  • MundoLopez1

    Ooooooowwwwweeeee. got enough ass pictures to last me a couple of days….as far as the whole body, well she’s really not that spectacular, I mean no Wow feeling actually I find her kinda average, but I would certainly turn my head to watch some more…

    • MundoLopez1 you’re such a playaa dude …

  • Obsidio

    I don’t know, that pose works pretty well for me.