First Look at Ashton Kutcher in ‘jOBS’

For everyone who isn’t going to be at Sundance this week, here is the first exclusive clip of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the upcoming bipoic about the man who invented the i-everything, Steve Jobs.

He co-stars along with Josh Gad who plays the equally important but less famous Steve Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Jobs back in the 80s and who (if you believe the clip) wasn’t so gung ho about marketing the personal home computer. Check out the clip and let us know what you think.

  • MoeJackson

    i can’t tell if he’s doing an accent or just being himself?! 
    I don’t think the real Steve Jobs would be too impressed…

  • Deryn

    Did Steve Jobs even *have an accent?  I’m not an Apple person, so I don’t know.  Kutcher sounds sort of … well, twangy.  Midwestern.  But … he’s not as bad as I was expecting him to be.  Then again … not an Apple person.  So he’s not offending my God.

  • Bozz

    He does look a bit like young Steve Jobs, yeah and like Deryn since I’m not an Apple person, I don’t really know Steve Jobs apart from all the pictures I saw on the internet.