MIAMI: Claudia Romani Has A Pretty Sweet Life

Claudia Romani Shows Off Her Bikini Body

I know we already had a Claudia Romani post today, but these latest bikini pics of the Italian-flavored glamour model were snapped earlier this afternoon as she was seen hitting the beach for a quick dip. Looks like somebody got a new bikini!

From what we know, aside from modeling, Claudia’s side-gig is to work at special events like concerts (not sure exactly what she does, but I’m sure looking hot is party of the job requirements), so it’s nice to see that she takes time out for herself.

Here’s a clip of Claudia Romani at her other-other job. She’s a hot Italian translator on the show “En Esta Noche Tu Night.” Check this clip:

  • bryanzee

    She’s not good enough to spam Moe.

  • MundoLopez1

    Why is this chick always wearing sunglasses? I’m begining to think she’s hiding something…maybe she’s got Audrina syndrome..crossed eyed maybe? well don’t matter I always look her bod first anyways…

  • Obsidio

    And she’s got a pretty sweet ass, too.

  • skilligan

    neck down she’s strong

  • curvefan

    This chick seems to really understand her role in life.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Who wears high heels to the beach? Is this common somewhere?  I love heels obviously, but it seems very stupid to wear unstable footwear on the shifting sands of the beach.

    • MoeJackson

      Spanglylovesheels looking hot doesn’t account for comfort.