Jennifer Lopez @ “Parker” Las Vegas Premiere

Jennifer Lopez

Looks like producers are really pushing this one! Following a big NYC premiere, Jennifer Lopez and co-star Jason Statham hit the Las Vegas premiere of Parker held at Planet Hollywood. The film is an adaptation of Donald Westlake’s “Flashfire” novel. Look for it in theaters on January 25th. For more info, visit the Parker official website.

Parker (Jason Statham) is a professional thief, who doesn’t steal from the poor or hurt innocent people. The film opens with Parker being asked to take on a five man job with a crew he doesn’t know. The job goes well but the leader of the crew double-crosses him. They shoot Parker and leave him for dead. However, he survives and follows them to Palm Beach, Florida to get revenge on them. Disguising himself, he enlists the help of real estate agent Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez), one of their targeted victims, to find out about the plan his former crew has made. [Wiki]

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote “Parker” (both parts):

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      • bryanzee


        Mileys body looks twice as good. Don;t pay mind to the cavemen who like dirty diaper booties.

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