Rihanna Rocks A See-Thru Dress Out Clubbing in Hollywood!

Superstar Rihanna leaves the Playhouse nightclub with a group of female friends, in Hollywood Blvd in a sheer see-through dress

Rihanna was seen out w/ a group of her girlfriends enjoying the nightlife on Hollywood Blvd. I don’t understand how a world superstar like Rihanna can party it up on Hollywood Blvd., of all places, but maybe she loves the attention. If people didn’t notice her b/c she’s famous, she definitely caught the eyes as she was seen cruising around wearing see-thru dress that showcased her pierced nipple. These particlar photos were taken as Rih-Rih left Playhouse nightlcub.

  • xenia

    beautiful woman and i really like her hair except the side cut..

  • jimbo 77

    She needs to just do playboy already!

    • johnconnor777

      jimbolovesmiley not playboy, they will airbrush her so much that will look like a painting… she needs to release a sex tape in HD

      • Spanglylovesheels

        johnconnor777 jimbolovesmiley  She is a sex freak so this makes perfect sense. With at least a guy and a girl and her. With maybe another guy watching. It would be the hottest “accidental” HD sex Blu-ray in history.

        • jimbo 77

          Spanglylovesheels johnconnor777 I’d gladly be the guy in her sex tape if she wants to do that, call me RiRi

        • johnconnor777

          jimbolovesmiley Spanglylovesheels johnconnor777 the guy? this call for an old school gang bang, you will need some more guys and some ladies too… we could do it Spartacus’s Roman orgy themed

  • Backwoodsman

    Been losing interest in her for a while.  Though I suppose a sheer dress with nipple piercings can buck that trend for a while…

  • skilligan

    she knows how to get attention