Looking back at a busy weekend in the NBA


As much as a I tired, I could not get myself to watch the Pro Bowl. I watched a few snaps just to get a look at the Cowboys players but it was obvious that no one was trying from the start. Adrian Peterson, the best running back in the league, had a fumble from the first snap. So I spent most of my sports watching focused on the NBA and it was a good weekend, depending on what team you were supporting. The biggest news around the league was clearly the injury news of Rajon Rondo. The Celtics PG suffered a torn ACL and unfortunately for fans in the New England area, Rondo will be out for the remainder of the season. A lot of NBA fans around the country were taken back by the news because Rondo is a fun player to watch, plays a unique style and still manages to put up triple doubles like a well seasoned veteran.

Despite the devastating news about Rondo, the Celtics were able to rally around each other and defeat the Miami Heat in double OT. It was a game that had some pretty intense moments from the start. Social media was buzzing from information that had leaked about the Rondo injury but it wasn’t confirmed until after halftime and maybe the Celtics players that knew used it as fuel. Even though the Celtics beat the Heat because of tough team defense and clutch shooting, it felt a little like winning the battle and losing the war. How does a team overcome their best player having a season ending injury at the very apex of his career? And because of the age of the Celtics and it’s stars, the rumors will continue to mount about blowing up the team and starting a new era.

The other showcase game for the NBA was between the Thunder (best record in the league before the game) and Lakers, who were in desperation mode. The Lakers played well, at times looking like the team that everyone thought they would be. Kobe was once again 1 rebound away from a triple-double and once again had 14 assists; while unorthodox for time, it seems to be working for well for the Lakers. The Lakers have won two straight and are looking like a new team but watch out, they have a long road trip coming up that could very well define the entire season.

Other news around the Association: Melo dropped 42 points on the Hawks (making nine 3-pointers) as the Knicks continue to try and keep pace with the Heat atop the eastern conference. Blake Griffin lead the Clippers over the Blazers as they keep playing well without the star PG Paul. Oh yeah, my Mavs won last night as they continue to slowly but surely look better. 

  • skilligan

    Celtics may as well blow it up, won 1 game but they can’t win anything significant without Rondo

  • bryanzee

    Its been such a shit season for my Lakers so last nights win vs the best team in the NBA felt good. 

    Lets hope they go on a crazy win streak.

    Also, sucks about Rondo, feel bad for Freep lol