Why Did Jeremy Renner Have Unprotected Sex With Sonni Pacheco?

**EXCLUSIVE** FIRST BABY BUMP PICTURES: Sonni Pacheco, mother of Jeremy Renner's baby, shows off her growing figure as she gets lunch in LA

Meant to get this up over the weekend, but the pic got lost in the flood. Say hello to Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy Renner’s baby-momma. The lucky sugar baby was happily showing off her Lottery Baby Bump as the pregnant 22-year-old Canadian model was seen out & about L.A. running various errands (which probably involves hitting up luxury stores in Beverly Hills). The news first broken when Jeremy Renner was overheard telling actress Eva Longoria that he was going to be a dad when the two met at the Golden Globes, so ever since then this Pacheco chick has been getting a lot of love in the press.

As an immediate benefit of getting her name out there, she reportedly moved into Jeremy’s L.A. home last week even though they broke up a while back. Sounds like somebody’s feeling a little guilty! What the fuck is up with these extremely rich dudes having unprotected sex with hot, young chicks? Aren’t they aware that chicks are extremely fertile in their early 20s?! We hope he’s ready to write some fat monthly checks after they breakup again in a few months. Poor guy, but major props to Sonni for $coring big!!

  • Obsidio

    He’s trying to create a race of little short guys.

  • skilligan

    come on man, he has to be smarter

  • annak

    she’s not very pretty.

  • BerthaBlue

    what?!? what world do you live in? she’s totally gorgeous! get a grip!

    • annak

      No way dude. She is seriously ugly here. Meh at best in other pics.

  • jimbohatesmiley


  • Jasmine87

    Sonni was 24 and knew Renner since 2010 as she was Paula Poundstone stand in for Mission Impossible and had a career since she was 18.  So this whole story is so twisted. Nobody knows what the hell they are talking about except for the one comment with her career.