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NYC: James Conran Took His Sugar Baby Wifie Coco Rocha Out For A Walk

Model Coco Rocha wears a furry coat as she goes for a stroll with her husband James Conran in New York City

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as the couple were spotted going for a stroll around the Meatpacking District in NYC. Coco Rocha’s hubby James Conran makes a lucrative living as an interior designer in the city. According to her Wiki page, the couple first hit it off when when he was on the job decorating one her friend’s apartments.

I swear, this guy must be one of the few straight guys in the interior design biz—especially in NYC, so it’s to know that he landed a model wifie in the process, although we’re about 85% sure that he’ll end up cheating with another hotter clientele down the road when Coco & him are in the middle of a big fight. We hate being so negative, but that’s married life, right?

Celeb Catwalkers Emmy Rossum & Ashley Green w/ the Links!

Emmy Rossum & Ashley Greene

Pictured: Emmy Rossum & Ashley Greene; Both ladies were out & about L.A. running errands.

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CURB WATCH: Kim Kardashian Hides Both Bumps—Baby & Booty

Kim Kardashian Leaves  Gym Concealing A baby Bump

These were snapped earlier today as world-famous porn star-turned reality TV ho Kim Kardashian was seen leaving the gym in L.A. this morning while doing her best to conceal her baby bump with a jacket tied around her waste. Since Kim’s belly is gonna start getting real big in a few weeks, I think this is an appropriate time for one of our lame polls…

Bar Refaeli Hooks Up w/ Desigual @ Barcelona Fashion Week

Bar Refaeli Presents 'We Love' By Desigual At 080 Barcelona Fashion

First of all, these were snapped earlier today in Barcelona, Spain as supermodel Bar Refaeli was on hand to present the “We Love” collection by designer Desigual as part of the 080 Barecelona Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 going down right now.

Before we close, we should (once again) take a second to speculate whether Leonardo DiCaprio is still getting a piece of Bar Refaeli on the side? It’s even more likely these days considering Leo’s enjoying a self-imposed hiatus from acting and has plenty of time in his schedule to have sex with former lovers. We’re pretty sure they’re on non-exclusive terms, but we can’t say conclusively until the former lovebirds are spotted out together.

These latest photos of Leonardo were snapped earlier in the week in Malibu as he earned a little extra play-money on the side by filming a commercial for Jack Daniels that will air in Japan. When we say “little money,” we’re pretty sure it’s upwards of $2-5 mil. Hey, if Chanel can cough up $8 million for Brad Pitt, then why can’t Jack Daniels open their pockets for Leo?

Leonardo DiCaprio juggles an ice ball on his fingertips whilst filming a scene for a Japanese Jack Daniels advertisement on a balcony in Malibu

Leonardo DiCaprio juggles an ice ball on his fingertips whilst filming a scene for a Japanese Jack Daniels advertisement on a balcony in Malibu

Amanda Seyfried vs Ashley Benson: SAG Awards After Party @ Chateau Marmont

Ashley Benson & Amanda Seyfried

Pictured: Ashley Benson & Amanda Seyfried

As it’s consistently the case, the infamously scandalous Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood seemed to have the hottest after-party following the Screen Actors Guild Awards. While Ashley Benson didn’t walk the red carpet at the awards show, she did take time to hit up the after-party, which was attended by a long list of A-Penises. Ash, as we know, turns up the sex appeal when she’s surrounded by Hollywood big-dogs, so it’s anybody’s guess who she went home with following the event.

As for Amanda Seyfried, she was one of the best dressed on the red carpet this past Sunday and I gotta admit, she didn’t disappoint during the after-party either. Amanda, who’ll star as Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic “Lovelace,” was wearing a sheer dress that left very little to the imagination.

They Don’t Make Flight Attendants Like Kelly Brook Anymore

Kelly Brook helps launch new Sky in-flight entertainment package

Model Kelly Brook was back on the clock as she did a campaign for U.K. TV network Sky to launch the company’s Sky Go Extra where people can watch TV on iPads while traveling. I don’t know, from the looks of it, it looks pretty damn cramped in that flight & who the hell wants to watch a show on a tablet with a another person just inches away from them. What the hell happened to reading a book or just taking a nap?

Anyway, Kelly Brook appears to be a fan of the service (riiiiight), saying: “I’m always jetting around the country, and forever missing my favourite shows because of a packed schedule. This new service Sky Go Extra, currently being trialled on Flybe routes, is great because I can now relax by catching up on my favourite telly while I’m travelling across the country – whether by ‘Plane, Train or Automobile’ – and I don’t even need to have WiFi.”

New “Oz The Great and Powerful” Trailer to Air During Super Bowl

If you’re like me and don’t really care about this weekend’s pig skin tossing ritual – I keed, I keed, I know it’s all about the commercials! – then you might want to tune in for the big unveiling of the latest trailer for Disney’s magical magnum opus, Oz The Great and Powerful, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Wiesz. Disney is teasing the full trailer with this little snippet above which is sure to satiate audiences’ hunger for all things magical and cinematic.

The movie is set to release March 8 and follows the story of the rise of a lowly magician to the Great Wizard of Oz.

Justin Bieber Walks Around Showing Everyone His Six Pack; Needs Ass Kicked

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Abs

Justin Bieber’s currently vacation in Miami Beach in an attempt to fill ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez’s void with an army of extremely hot Latinas who’re bussed in from various parts of the city to pleasure the guy every few hours. That sonofabitchwhorebagpieceshitbastard.

The young pop star was spotted playing around with the papz yesterday afternoon. He first showed off his abs & then proceeded to do the tough-guy catwalk near his hotel. I think it’s safe to say that Justin’s begging to get his ass beaten down, assuming anybody can penetrate his crazy security detail consisting of ex-Navy SEALs & Israeli Mosad agents.

Sorry, Jedis: No More 3D “Star Wars” Prequels


“One reason that the films were shelved is because “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” in 3D only made $43 million upon its release last year.”[HP]

I’m sure this won’t put a dent in anyone’s Princess Leia sexual fantasy, but the official word from Disney and Lucasfilm is that there will be no further 3D rereleases of the Star Wars prequels. The main culprit is a pronounced decrease in 3D returns at the box office, especially given that Episode I managed to gross just $43 million last year when it was reissued in 3D.

Disney has also pulled plans for the 3D release of The Little Mermaid which was announced with much fanfare after the super success of The Lion King in 3D. Guess we’ll just have to watch Attack of the Clones and <i.Revenge of the Sith at home on our giant plasma-LCD whatevers.

Today In Douche Baggery: Chris Brown Compares Himself to Jesus After Frank Ocean Brawl


“Two years ago, Ocean balked when Brown boasted “I f— with Frank Ocean,” to which the former responded with more verbal ammo, comparing the on-and-off beau of Rihanna to Sisqo and Ike Turner.”[THR]

Seriously, will somebody PLEASE tell me what is going on with Chris Brown? Why is this “man” (and I use that term lightly) still allowed to walk freely among decent people? After his attempted murder of Rihanna (let’s not pretend it was anything less) and his many wild and raucous TV appearances in his bid to resuscitate his public image (mission accomplished: NOT!), not to mention his many Twitter feuds with certain female comedy writers where he confesses how much he would like “fart” on them (typically classy), he is now comparing himself to Jesus Christ after an alleged brawl that involved Frank Ocean in the parking lot of a Los Angeles recording studio.

Brown posted a photo on Instagram of the crucifixion, which he captioned with “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” Uh huh, because what matters is his own self of aggrandized victimization; it’s always the other person’s fault, isn’t it Chris? (Does this remind anyone of Michael Jackson comparing himself to Nelson Mandela in the middle of one of his child abuse scandals? Don’t be surprised if we end up seeing Chris Brown go the way of MJ).

Ocean is said to be wanting to press charges. Stay tuned to what is sure to be simply the latest in the many episodes of the Downfall of Chris Brown.

And hey, if anyone close to Rihanna is reading this, please make sure she’s safe and that Brown isn’t taking out his frustration on her, if you know what I mean. Seriously.

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