NYC: James Conran Took His Sugar Baby Wifie Coco Rocha Out For A Walk

Model Coco Rocha wears a furry coat as she goes for a stroll with her husband James Conran in New York City

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as the couple were spotted going for a stroll around the Meatpacking District in NYC. Coco Rocha’s hubby James Conran makes a lucrative living as an interior designer in the city. According to her Wiki page, the couple first hit it off when when he was on the job decorating one her friend’s apartments.

I swear, this guy must be one of the few straight guys in the interior design biz—especially in NYC, so it’s to know that he landed a model wifie in the process, although we’re about 85% sure that he’ll end up cheating with another hotter clientele down the road when Coco & him are in the middle of a big fight. We hate being so negative, but that’s married life, right?