They Don’t Make Flight Attendants Like Kelly Brook Anymore

Kelly Brook helps launch new Sky in-flight entertainment package

Model Kelly Brook was back on the clock as she did a campaign for U.K. TV network Sky to launch the company’s Sky Go Extra where people can watch TV on iPads while traveling. I don’t know, from the looks of it, it looks pretty damn cramped in that flight & who the hell wants to watch a show on a tablet with a another person just inches away from them. What the hell happened to reading a book or just taking a nap?

Anyway, Kelly Brook appears to be a fan of the service (riiiiight), saying: “I’m always jetting around the country, and forever missing my favourite shows because of a packed schedule. This new service Sky Go Extra, currently being trialled on Flybe routes, is great because I can now relax by catching up on my favourite telly while I’m travelling across the country – whether by ‘Plane, Train or Automobile’ – and I don’t even need to have WiFi.”