Good or Bad Thing? Alec Baldwin Gets Sugar Baby Wife Pregnant

Hilaria Baldwin appears on 'Extra'

He turns 55 this April, so when the kid finally graduates college, Alec Baldwin will be 77, assuming he lives that long, of course. His 28-year-old sugar baby Hilaria Thomas will be 50. Aside from lending good genes to the pool, I don’t see anything positive about having a kid when you’re so old and successful, so I think it’s safe to assume that Hilaria pressured Alec into having unprotected sex. That’s her paycheck baby, so who can blame her? From Alec’s standpoint, he should’ve spent his remaining years enjoying life on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean surrounded by French & Italian-flavored sugar babies, but NOOOOOOOO, Alec instead chose to fall in love with his Yoga instructor & get hitched!

Also, let’s not forget that Alec already has a teenage daughter (Ireland) from his marriage to actress Kim Basinger, so I’m sure Ireland is excited about having a baby step-sister/brother.

  • skilligan

    in his case probably smart

  • curvefan

    I would say this about very very very few men but
    after the way he treated Kim Basinger he should have been neutered.

    • McP

      cowbulls What?  Treated her how?  I’m pretty sure Basinger is nuts and trued to turn their daughter against her father.

      • curvefan

        McP cowbulls I should have added and his daughter.
        Kim isn’t a saint but she gets a pass because she has
        a tremendous body. Alex is well known to have a violent temper and a big
        Liberal mouth. Calling your 11 year old daughter a rude thoughtless pig would
        qualify him for castration in my book.

  • RoxyGilmour

    Why do old men even want babies?

  • Obsidio

    If he’s not wearing a rug he had better kill his barber.