Justin Timberlake Debuts New Song At Mark Cuban’s Super Bowl Party

Justin Timberlake is finally performing music again! And it isn’t even a Saturday night or alongside Andy Samberg!

JT took to the stage during Mark Cuban’s mega-lavish Super Bowl party in New Orleans where he debuted two new songs, “Pusher Love Girl” and “That Girl”. We managed to track down an amateur recording of “Pusher Love Girl” which someone has posted to YouTube.

Timberlake asserted recently that the impetus for the album came from (of all places) the mere desire to create. Imagine that. “The inspiration for this really came out of the blue and to be honest, I didn’t expect anything out of it,” he wrote. “I just went into the studio and started playing around with some sounds and songs. It was probably the best time I’ve had in my career… Just creating with no rules and/or end goal in mind and really enjoying the process.”

  • RoxyGilmour

    I didn’t listen to it but pretty sure it sucks.