Miley Cyrus Cruises Around Studio City In Her Hoochie Shorts!

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Toned Abs In Floral Crop Top

Miley was all smiles earlier this afternoon as the former Disney starlet was seen leaving a friend’s house in Studio City. she was showing off her abs in a floral crop top paired with dangerously short, ass-cheek-hugging short-shorts. YOU GO GIRl!

As we’ve stated over & over again, Miley Cyrus is continuing to rape her Disney past with an elephant sized dildo in order to once & for all set herself up for a fruitful career in the adult film industry. Judging by her approach over the past few months, we have a feeling Miley has taken the whole “adult film industry” thing a little too seriously. Then again, we all know how Hollywood functions. With the right script, coupled with Miley’s desire to strip off all her clothes on camera, I’m pretty sure we’ll one day see Miley win Best Actress honors at the Academy Awards. You heard it here first!