Welcome Back to the Dating Jungle, Katie Holmes


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“Katie Holmes is feeling ready to cautiously dip her toe back into the dating pool again after seven months of living the single life.”[RadarOnline]

First came Dawson’s Creek. Then came marriage to the Prince of Scientology. And now comes life as a single parent in the dating jungle.

Katie Holmes, according to new media reports, is reentering the dating scene after a scant seven months as the former Mrs. Tom Cruise. Is there someone special in her life? Eh, not so much. It seems that Katie is being very, very cautious about whom she dates because of her status as a mother and becuase of her past high profile relationship, which naturally means her rebound better be one helluva rebound if it has any chance of being anything more than pure tabloid fodder.

Per the report, “the mom-of-one was spurred on to divorce her high-profile hubby after becoming sick of his ‘controlling ways’ and growing more and more irritated by Tom’s desire to control their relationship, their daughter’s upbringing and Katie’s every move — something she has vowed never to be subjected to again.”

If it’s freedom you want, K. Holmes, stay single. If not, I hear Derek Jeter is auditioning wives. And he doesn’t even go to church!

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skilligan like.author.displayName 1 Like

no doubt dating her is a NIGHTMARE



I respectfully disagree. The poor woman hasn't had a hard one is so long she will blow her legs open and howl at the moon for the next guy that reaches home plate.She also has to have tightened up from neglect.


Pity such a pretty lady...but I'm sure it won't be long for her to find someone suitable...she just needs to be careful not to go into a another bad experience, especially with a child..