Destiny’s Child Album Sales Are Up. WAY Up.


“The most popular Destiny’s Child song of the week was “Say My Name,” which was notably absent from the halftime show.”[Source]

Admit it: the first thing you did after the half time show during this weekend’s Super Bowl was download all the Destiny’s Child songs on iTunes.

You weren’t alone: according to Billboard, sales of Destiny’s Child albums jumped an astonishing 630 percent (that six hundred and thirty percent!) after their reunion performance on Sunday. The trio’s new album Love Songs (which really only includes one new song and a bunch of rehashes) has clearly set the cash registers ringing thanks to all the Beyonce news of late: a stellar half time show, the whole inauguration lip-synching controversy, and the never-ending obsession with her weave.

Hey, say what you want: she’s shimmying all the way to the bank. And are those dollar signs in Blue Ivy’s eyes? Why yes, Jay-Z, methinks they are.

  • RoxyGilmour

    Meh, used to be a DC fan in high school, but I’m sure their stuff is awful now.

    • skilligan

      RoxyGilmour they aren’t together now, haven’t been for years

  • skilligan

    Beyonce had a hell of a performance