Jim Carrey Tweets Gun Control Support. Cue Right Wing Meltdown.


“Jim Carrey is taking a seat alongside Bob Costas, Stephen King and others who have lately invited the wrath of the gun lobby.”[HP]

Jim Carrey has offended the right wing. What did he do? Tell the Tea Party they’re insane? Nope. Endorse Michelle Obama’s bangs? Guess again.

He tweeted about gun control. In favor of it. And he did not mince any words. Said the one-time Pet Detective, “Any1 who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting. ;^”

The far right fringe went expectedly berserk over Carrey’s comment, many of them wasting no time to term it “Dumb and Dumber.” Ah, touché!