Madge Still Queen of the Half Time Show


“Billboard notes that when the final numbers are released Beyonce’s ratings will likely come in even lower than estimated.”[HP]

Beyonce may have stolen the limelight at this year’s Super Bowl, but she wasn’t able to pry the record ratings for the Half Time Show from Madonna who topped her with last year’s show. It is worth noting in this context that at the time of the performance, Madonna was 53 years old, was backed by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., and that she performed for 12 whole minutes. And she wasn’t attacked for the risqué aspect of her costume . . . because, well, she’s freakin’ Madonna.

Madonna’s performance was also the top rated half time show in the history of all half time shows, drawing 114 million viewers. Beyonce, by turn, attracted 104 million viewers.

Lesson to be learned? Football players better learn to vogue.

  • AaronGray

    why is this surprising news? OF COURSE Madonna drew a larger audience. She’s been in the music industry for like 50 years. And makes POP music–which is way more commercial than R&B. And isn’t she a rock&roll hall of fame recipient too? She’s literally a living legend.  
    For Beyonce to even come 2ND to Madonna–a 31 y/o R&B singer–is quite an accomplishment.
    Congrats to both ladies!!

    • Alonzo2469


  • Damein

    Beyoncè and her show was disappointing and one dimensional .. although she is the deserved star of the show, we didnt need additional video versions of her .. lord knows we’ve seen her pouch more times thhan the sun has set .. Bey should take another page from M’s book and try some reinvention