NYC: Minka Kelly Hits The Runway @ The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion Show

Minka Kelly wears Oscar de la Renta for the Heart Truth Red Dress Collection in NYC

As we mentioned in our post featuring Minka Kelly yesterday, she’s in the city as a spokesperson for the Heart Truth campaign with Diet Coke in support of women’s heart health research programs. The campaign arranged a star-studded runway fashion show held at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC ahead of the Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week which kicks off tomorrow (Feb. 7-14) and naturally Minka looked absolutely amazing on & off the runway.

You can find more info on Heart Truth here. Here’s a snippet of the original press release:

For the first-time ever, millions of Diet Coke packages will prominently feature
the hashtag #ShowYourHeart. The hashtag encourages Diet Coke fans to upload and
share heart-inspired photos representing what “showing your heart” means to
them. Throughout the month of February, each photo tagged on Twitter and
Instagram with #ShowYourHeart will trigger a $1 donation from Diet Coke to the
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (up to $100,000) in support of
women’s heart health research programs.

“Through the power of our fans, Diet Coke can raise awareness and support for
The Heart Truth® campaign,” Erik Jenkins, Diet Coke Brand Manager. “We hope
every time someone picks up a Diet Coke can and sees the striking brushstroke
heart design, they’ll use the hashtag to join the social conversation supporting
this important cause.”

Diet Coke will take the message from the can to the catwalk at the annual Red
Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show on February 6 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in
New York City. Actress Minka Kelly will walk in the show as Diet Coke’s
Celebrity Ambassador. Her red gown, designed by Oscar de la Renta, will remind
women to raise awareness for this important cause.

“Every woman can play an active role in her heart health, but many may not
realize it,” said Minka Kelly. “I’m so excited to be a part of a campaign that
brings attention to this important issue, and have the opportunity to inspire
other women to get involved.”

Joining Minka Kelly at the Red Dress CollectionSM Fashion Show will be five
lucky Diet Coke fans that entered a photo-sharing contest and won a trip to the
star-studded event. These fans uploaded heart-inspired photos with the
#ShowYourHeart hashtag and were selected by Diet Coke.

  • errsome

    Bad makeup, makes her look older.

    • kenny

      errsome isn’t she getting the cat look from all the plastic surgery?  she looks closer to 40 than 30

      • errsome

        @kenny errsome Maybe, but she looked fresh and great in her candid pics a few days ago, so I’m ruling out plastic surgery.

        • armour

          errsome  then you should really see her pre plastic surgery photos

        • RoxyGilmour

          @armour errsome Damn, I think every person in Hollywood has had plastic surgery, most people at the bare minimum get nose jobs. It’s so sad.

        • kenny

          RoxyGilmour errsome  yes but she’s has gone plastic surgery crazy last 2 years.  megan fox crazy

  • curvefan

    On looks only Minka is a top tier serious piece of ass. She gets demoted for letting Jeter in her pants.

    • MoeJackson

      cowbulls The dude is Mr. NYC, so who can blame her letting him get a piece?

      • curvefan

        MoeJackson cowbulls me.

  • skilligan

    not her best but still 100% gorgeous

    • kenny

      skilligan wow are you getting mean!!! lol

  • lenilovesfeet

    I like her best in tight pants. Legs are her worst feautre.

  • skilligan

    not her best but still 100% gorgeous

  • xenia

    Stunning.. love her make up and the color of her dress