NYFW: Fashionable Attendees @ Wildfox Fall 2013 Collection Launch

Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, & Ashlee Simpson

Even though New York Fashion Week doesn’t official start until today, Wildfox Couture launched their Fall 2013 collection last night with the help of beautiful attendees, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice & Ashlee Simpson. Aside from the ladies at the event, I just checked out Wildfox’s website & I gotta admit, they have a collection of really hot models rocking their clothes.

Here’s a funny (at least to me) video from fashion-obsessed chicks @ AwesomenessTV on YouTube discussing NY Fashion Week, which kicks off today. I’ll be shocked if any of you bastards can make it past 30 seconds…


  • lenilovesfeet

    I love it when Victoria wears tight pants/leggings. I hate it when Vanessa wears animal prints, looks so tacky on her.

    • MoeJackson

      lenilovesfeet true. looks very forced.

  • xenia

    I really like victorias eyebrows

    • lenilovesfeet

      Me too! Perfect eyebrows and beautifully shaped eyes.

  • skilligan

    Victoria wins but I won’t vote for her until she steps up the game like Selena Gomez has with the clothes

  • curvefan

    Victoria wins but they all have on too many clothes.

  • McP

    That may be the second douchiest guy I’ve ever seen (Shia Labeuf would be # 1).

  • bryanzee

    Victoria Justice is just in a whole different league than the other two. 
    Its amazing that she’s not getting 100% of the votes.

  • KYamada

    Love them all!! Wildfox had SUCH an amazing show. Their collections keep getting more and more creative, I can’t get enough!! XOX

  • Spanglylovesheels

    I agree with everyone that Victoria Justice is the prettiest here. I bet Vanessa Hudgens hates that not only does she have to compete against the taller Selena Gomez but she also has to compete against this Nick star who is taller too.

  • Backwoodsman

    Sheesh, I almost had to give Ashlee the nod here.  Vanessa is starting to look like LeAnn Rimes (not a good thing, of course), and with that top throwing light reflections all over Victoria’s face in most pics, I wondered if she ran into a cheese grater.  Luckily, a few of the shots were taken in more appropriate light, so alas the junior Simpson didn’t get my vote.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      Backwoodsman “Vanessa is starting to look like LeAnn Rimes…” You nailed it. Some females just hit a brick wall somewhere along their timeline. Vanessa is still hot but her shelf life is almost as short as she is. Its mostly her joker face. Weird lips, duck lips. That is why her look a like sister is getting a lot of attention. As Vanessa begins to hit the wall, Stella is just starting to bloom.