Why Do Charles Goode & His Sugar Baby Petra Benova Even Bother Leaving Their Hotel Room?

Charles Goode & Petra Benova Pile On The PDA

As some of you guys might remember, we featured British jewelry designer Charles Goode & his Slovakian model girlfriend Petra Benova yesterday as they both rubbed each other down with suntan lotion. I guess they took a break from the beach to have grab lunch & enjoy a few hours to have intense sex back at the hotel room, only to resurface back at the beach later in the afternoon, except this time Petra was rocking a different bikini. I’m personally not a big fan of those “look at my bikini bottom disappear into my ass” bikini bottoms, so I’m diggin’ this one a little more.

This latest set of photos shows Charles & Petra dabbling in a ton of PDA action while in the water. Judging by how they’re both all over each other, we’re pretty sure at one point they had full-on ocean sex. Can’t be 100% sure, but I’m gonna go with 88%.