Joel McHale Says Chevy Chase Wanted to Hit Him on “Community” Set

Oh Chevy Chase. Sigh. And Hiss. And Groan. And a little bit of spit. Sigh.

For a man whose name is synonymous with ‘silly’, Chevy Chase sure has very little humor left in him. At least if you believe Community star Joel McHale who had to share the set with Chase and his sitcom-hating self for nearly four seasons.

McHale told Howard Stern that not only did Chase not want to be on set, but that he had no interest in speaking with anyone when the cameras weren’t rolling. And if McHale tried to chat him up?

“When I would try, he would just try to fight me,” McHale says. “He physically wanted to fight me.”

Check out the clip above for more candid confessions from the set of Community.