Marriage Hasn’t Taken A Toll On Blake Lively (YET)

Blake Lively leaving an office building in Midtown Manhattan_020413_01

Former “Gossip Girl” & forever-fashionista Blake Lively was seen tending to some business in NYC earlier in the week & as always, she looked like she just stepped off the runway. While we’d love to see Blake rockin’ a nice mini or short-shorts, we’ll let it slide since it’s so frickin’ cold in the city these days.

In terms of upcoming projects, it appears that Blake is taking some time off at the worst possible time in her young career. Her last film was the Oliver Stone-directed “Savages,” where Blake’s character had 18 different sex scenes with the film’s two leads. Blake has to understand that she’s not going to be in her mid-20s forever & also come to the painful realization that her new hubby Ryan Reynolds will leave her for somebody younger & hotter when she’s off her prime. Don’t pass on your career b/c age will catch up to you before you know it & when that happens, Hollywood will no longer give a shit. Chop-Chop!