MELBOURNE: Miranda Kerr Looked Beautiful @ The David Jones Fashion Workshop

Miranda Kerr Makes an Appearnce Wearing a Ryan Storer Earcuff and Bulgari Watch

Earlier today, the always-deliciously fashionable Miranda Kerr was seen making an appearance at a David Jones store in Melbourne to do a fashion workshop for average people who think caking on expensive makeup will transform them into models like our sweet lil’ Miranda. Riiiiiight!

Since we know Miranda knows how to dress the parts, we should take a second to spotlight what she was wearing at the event. She was rocking a Ryan Storer earcuff and a Bulgari watch, the latter of which problem costs thousands. Miranda also had on a sexy Scanlan & Theodore skirt & top, beautifully complimented with Valentino heels. OW!


FROM MOEJACKSON AFTER HOURS: And for those of you curious about Miranda’s versatility as a supermodel….

Miranda Kerr

We can all thank Terry Richardson for the photo!

  • skilligan

    sensational, running out of words for her

  • tryphon

    miranda on the floor….GLORIOUS!!!!!!

  • Backwoodsman

    Don’t know if I’ll ever utter the words, “seen enough of her” with Miranda.  Yummmmmers.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      Backwoodsman  Unlike the Lardashians, Miranda and Candice have something uncommon to offer. I doubt I will get tired of seeing either of them.

  • RoxyGilmour

    Aww, isn’t she adorable!

    • Spanglylovesheels

      RoxyGilmour  very!!

    • bryanzee


      She’s everything!