VS Photo Shoot Matchup: Black Lambo vs Behati Prinsloo vs Candice Swanpoel

Candice Swanepoel & Behati Prinsloo

So any of you gear heads out there know what kind of Lamborghini’s burning rubber behind Candice? All photos were snapped on the set of a new Victoria’s Secret shoot on Friday afternoon on the streets of Miami Beach. If I haven’t said it before, I really think South Beach is the place to be if you’re extremely rich & single. God damn!

And of course, in case you missed our earlier post: Candice, Alessandra, & Lais Filming Sexy Victoria’s Secret Commercial

  • lenilovesfeet

    Candice is perfection, petite yet curvy. Behati is much taller than Candice and I rarely see tall curvy girls. She has a nice body but I prefer Candice’s figure.

    • MundoLopez1

      Yeah I agree with you Leni, Candice has always been my favorite, but comparing this two, Candice takes it, but not for much, this Behati chick isn’t really all that bad, she’s got a nice figure too, but to be honest, I like them both…anyways do you still have my email Leni? would like to show you some protrait stuff I’ve been doing with a new program I just bought…results are really amazing…check my thumbnail picture..

      • lenilovesfeet

        I don’t think I do, my email got hacked, sends out spam to everybody in my contact list so I don’t use it anymore. If you want, please send me a message to:
        This email is only for my bastardly friends 🙂

    • lenilovesfeet Nothing petit about Swanepoel, she’s not much smaller than Prinsloo. Prinsloo is listed as 5’10 and Swanepoel as 5’9.

      • lenilovesfeet

        Agencies lie about model’s height, I think Candice is 5’8″max.
        Here’s a pic of Candice and Behati together, Behati apperas to be much taller. Both are wearing flats.
        Ignore Behati’s hat, look where Candice’s shoulder and chin is comparing to Behati.

        • lenilovesfeet

          And another picture, both wear heels and don’t stand straight but still, Candice appears to be significantly shorter than Behati. Behati is thin and Candice looks very small comparing to her, that’s why I called Candice petite.

        • MundoLopez1

          nothing happens when I click on the link, just says blank page…

        • MundoLopez1

          Are you on facebook?

        • RoxyGilmour

          lenilovesfeet Yeah, Candice seems at least 2 inches shorter.

  • Bobby

    Candice has a top notch body no doubt about that…as for her face, I see nothing special, if it weren’t for her body she would not be as famous as she is.

  • skilligan

    Candice is elite but Behati is closing on her

  • jimbo 77

    Must admit im looking at the lambo more than the girls!

    • jimbolovesmiley c´mon, they both haf goodshit pussies

  • bryanzee

    Candice > Lambo > Behati

  • johnconnor777
  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    I’d take the Lambo and drive over to Lily Aldridge’s house.

  • RoxyGilmour

    Candice all the way. She looks good from any angle.

  • It’s directed by Michael Bay. The Lambo probably blows up.