Pregnant Amber Rose Got Everyone’s Attention at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills

 mber Rose Showing Off Her Fashion From All Angles

I was going to go w/ “Pregnant Amber Rose Redefines Pregnant Camera Whoring,” but since we’re really in need of some positive Karma points, I decided it would be best to stay a little neutral. The rap & hip-hop industry’s resident ho Amber Rose was looking like a giant bumble bee as she went out in public wearing a skin tight yellow polka dot dress, red heels, carried a black ‘dice’ handbag and topped it all off with a captain’s hat. God damn, shouldn’t somebody dressing like this in public get put on bed rest? Plus, she looks like she’s about explode & who the hell wants to see that happen at the local mall? Again, what the fuck was Whiz Khalifa thinking when he knocked this chick up? We’re pretty sure he was mixing some freaky shit w/ his weed again b/c it’s seriously all downhill from here…

  • MundoLopez1

    What’s with the polka dotted yellow blimp? You know maybe I”m too old fashion, and I can’t blame preggo girls being proud of looking and being pregnant, but it’s not a pretty sight, at least not wearing tight clothes when you’re this way…sorry but that’s my opinion…

  • lenilovesfeet

    Her legs got really big! She looks very uncomfortable and ready to have this baby asap. I think she’s pretty.

  • skilligan

    doubt she will ever bounce back, but she does have a very pretty face