Grammys 2013 Red Carpet: The Painful Worst Dressed List

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Adele is worth an estimated $23 million and makes $65,000 a day (that’s just a couple years worth of work), so I think she could careless what lists she’s on just as long as her money’s getting wired into her various bank accounts.

Rocsi Diaz could’ve done much better, especially considering she’s such a grand stage. We’ve seen much better from her, so maybe the expectations were too high, but this is somebody who’s getting too comfortable.

As for Keltie Colleen, who barely made it on our list b/c I’ll admit it, she looks somewhat hot in an aging cougar kind of way. It turns out she’s only 28/29!! WHAT THE FUCK? We found her age on the Wiki page for The Bachelor: Season 15. Wow, it’s obvious that somebody’s completely in denial about their age.