Grammys 2013: Rihanna Looked Amazing In Red On The Red Carpet

55th Annual GRAMMY Awards

It’s sad that artists screwed dressing up in skanky-ho/sexy clothes and instead opted for Oscar-esque red carpet glamour. Considering the whole mystique behind the red carpet at the Grammy Awards is to see chicks rockin’ really hot outfits, unfortunately that element was something dearly missed this year. Oh well, what can we do about conservative whorebags running the show behind the scenes, right? We can take comfort in the fact that MTV Movie Awards & VMAs later in the year won’t have any sort of dress code, so thank God for that.

While we would’ve loved to see her in something far shorter & tighter, we still gotta give Rihanna props for looking absolutely beautiful in a custom red Azzedine Alaia dress that the designer made just for her. She was one of the last ones to walk the red carpet, but it was definitely worth the wait.

In the performances department, Rihanna was on the stage once for a solo gig dropping her latest single ‘Stay’ off her new album “Apologetic,” as well as for the Bob Marley Tribute, which also featured Bruno Mars, Ziggy Marley, Damien Marley, & Sting. I didn’t not like Sting in the mash-up for some reason. He just didn’t belong. They should’ve considered Nas or even K’Naan instead, but that’s me being a little bias.

Aside from Rihanna, CBS had a Chris Brown Camera in play for most of the awards show. Cameras also caught Chris Brown sitting in his seat as everyone gave Frank Ocean a standing ovation after he won the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album (Chris Brown’s “Fortune” was also one of the nominees in the category). Let’s just hope Chris doesn’t take out his anger on Rihanna later in the evening…


  • xenia

    WOW. She looks perfect..

  • jimbo 77

    See-thru again! keep it coming rihanna

  • errsome

    As much as I would like to scalp Chris Brown alive, I’d like to thank him for inspiring Rihanna to look normal again.

  • Harrus_Varkarian

    Yes, I’m sure that’s her real hair.

  • skilligan

    she looks great here, very feminine

  • lenilovesfeet

    I know I’m crazy and too picky but all I see is forehead. I think she’s pretty, love her eyes and lips and her body is awesome, but dang, the forehead…..

    • xenia

      lenilovesfeet she looked good with a bangs..

    • errsome

      lenilovesfeet Rihanna is one of those pretty/beautiful/hot women with fivehead/ugly/low forehead? I have Angelina Jolie, Candice, Christina Ricci, Maryna Lynchuk in the list.

      • lenilovesfeet

        I’d add Rachel McAdams to this list, she has a pretty large forehead and is a beautiful woman. Gemma Arterton has a low forehead and a messed up hairline and I find her gorgeous.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Yes the five head is her biggest deficit but damn she is gorgeous here in this dress. I give her the Moe Jackson Fashion Police Best Dressed award. (If it existed.(-_-)

  • RoxyGilmour

    Long side bangs would look great on her.