Would You Rather: Film Review

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Oh those eccentric billionaires! They just can’t handle their copious free time with simply reading a book or taking in the latest museum exhibit in a civil and quiet manner, now can they?

At least that’s the lesson I walked away with from Would You Rather, a relatively grisly horror film that oddly enough comes off as half baked when all is said and done. It starts with Iris (Brittany Snow) whose parents are dead and have left her to fend for her dying little brother (yes, this is that movie). She catches the seemingly kind eye of an upscale rich guy named (what else?) Shepard Lambrick who wants to help for other reason than that he has a good, altruistic heart. Right? Right…

The reason, it turns out, is that Lambrick wants Iris to participate in his life-or-death version of the game Would You Rather, where guests (or rather ‘captives’) of his pretentious dinner parties are forced to choose between options like whipping each other to death or stabbing handicapped guests in the thigh. Yes, it’s not pretty. Or fun. And it’s up to Iris to save the day.

This is, in the end, relatively standard torture porn. It’s a slightly better version of Saw set in a mansion and told under a shiny chandelier with goblets of chardonnay in the frame. If that’s your thing, you will love this movie. If not, you might want to rescind that RSVP from the lonely rich dude you know who has been begging for you to come over to break open a bottle of Petite Syrah from 1889.