NYC: Beyonce Sparkles At Her “Life Is But A Dream” Premiere

'Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream' New York Premiere

Most documentaries don’t get a fancy red carpet premiere & supermodel attendees (Doutzen Kroes was also there), but when you’re Beyonce Knowles and not to mention, Jay-Z’s wife, you get whatever the fuck you want! The anxiously self-directed documentary, “Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream,” premiered last night at NYC’s famous Ziegfeld Theater and is finally set to air on HBO later this weekend on Saturday (Feb. 16). Don’t forget to set your DVRs!!

The documentary is exactly what it sounds like: Beyonce will spend an hour or so discussing her wildly successful life & career, including extremely private family moments w/ Jay-Z & their baby girl, Blue Ivy. Also, since she co-directed the project, I think it’s safe to assume that we won’t be seeing Beyonce making any weird faces during dance sequences or for that matter, doing anything on camera that’s critical of her highly lucrative brand & image. Let’s not forget that she just signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi ahead of the Super Bowl and is set to go on a rumored $150 million worldwide comeback tour titled ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’. While I sit here wondering whether there will be a in 2014, I can say with complete confidence that 2013 will be a great year for the Carters! Those bastards!

  • RoxyGilmour

    I hate that pose.

  • skilligan

    2013 has been a huge year already for her

    • MoeJackson

      skilligan she has already made more money than the GDP of certain african countries. kind of sad.

  • vamp

    I like beyonce and think she is really talented with amazing presence but she is so fake. Her nose, hair, etc.

    • RoxyGilmour

      @vamp I agree, except for the whole liking her part 😛

      • vamp

        RoxyGilmour Yeah.. I don’t really like her that much. Her and Jay Z both.. I don’t know them personally but.. Why did they name their kid Blue Ivy? Are they trying to own the color Blue or something lol. Sometimes I think they are enlightened but other times I’m like.. ‘no’.

        • vamp

          RoxyGilmour Oh I know why. They want her to be royalty and attend and Ivy League school. Lol.

  • lenilovesfeet