The “85 Faces of Oscar” Campaign


“The Olly Moss and Gallery1988 project features 85 renderings of Oscar statuettes — one for each Best Picture winner from 1927 to 2012.”[HP]

Well, maybe this one’ll make the Academy Awards relevant again. Seth MacFarlane has promised a “different” sort of show this year so to get the drums beating in advance of what is sure to be a big-musical-political-satire-of-a-comedy-show, the Academy of Motion picture Arts unveiled a new poster that includes 85 renderings of the Best Picture Oscar, one for each of the winners since 1927. Take a gander at the pics and see if you can tell just by looking at the face which movie is represented. (Aside: I still can’t believe Javier Bardem’s haircut in No Country For Old Men).