Wow, Really? Irina Shayk Wore A Turtleneck Dress To 2013 S.I. Swimsuit Launch Party in NYC

Sports Illustrated Celebrates SI Swimsuit 2013 With A Star-Studded Kickoff Event At NYC's Crimson- outside arrivals

Either she was sick & wanted to stay a little warm or Irina Shayk wanted to give a silent F-You to the S.I. editors for running w/ Kate Upton for a second consecutive cover. For the sake of having to write a few more lines, we’re gonna make an educated guess and assume that Irina Shayk wasn’t the happiest person when she heard about the 2013 cover girl. For a woman who’s known for hitting premieres in barely-there mino-dresses, it’s very shocking to see Irina dressed like this, that’s all. I just hope she’s not totally pissed & still decides to return for next year’s issue…

Here’s an example of one of Irina’s premiere dresses:
TA-DAYYUMMM! Irina Shayk @ Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” Premiere

  • johnconnor777
    • MoeJackson

      at least we all hope that’s the case!

    • McP

      johnconnor777 He probably is, but I doubt he’s enjoying it.  What a waste.

    • RoxyGilmour

      johnconnor777 Ahahaha!

  • Tapper65

    I don’t know, but I think that purple is kinda hot. Sometimes, it’s what you DON’T show that makes a look complete. Don’t love the hair/makeup/face from straight on here, though. Something seems a bit off. That pic with her looking over her shoulder, though? Yes, please!!

  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    Without a doubt, she’s the hottest high profile model.

  • MundoLopez1

    showing a really nice ass, and looks good in purple..but then again this chick looks good in anything, or nothing on,.

  • skilligan

    it’s like she’s pouting and trying to cover up but she’s too hot to do it

  • RoxyGilmour


  • lenilovesfeet

    Purple is my favorite color, looks good on Irina.

    • RoxyGilmour

      lenilovesfeet Heh, mine too!