Are Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender an Item?

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“Michael and Jennifer were locked in conversation for a long time, he was charming the pants off her.”[HP]

There’s no doubt that both of these actors are quite fantastically talented. But where there is doubt is if they are “more than friends”, which many were wondering after watching them flirt up a storm at the BAFTA Awards last weekend.

Fassbender, who is 13 years older than the 22-year-old Lawrence, is co-starring with the starlet in X-Men: Days of Future Past and insiders insist that they have known each other for a while and are really just pals. Though Radar does report that Lawrence (who recently broke up with Nicholas Hoult after a two year relationship) that, “When Jennifer wraps up The Hunger Games: Catching Fire she said to Michael she would love to do dinner with him.”

And we all know what dinner leads to. What say ye? Yay or nay to a Lawbender romance??

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