Mexican Swimsuit Model Guillermo Blesses 2013 S.I. Swimsuit Issue Party in Vegas


I’m a huge Jimmy Kimmel fan, so I couldn’t pass up this photo of the hilarious Guillermo, who covered last night’s S.I. Swimsuit Issue Party for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. It’s too bad the dude is married w/ a kid because he could really do some serious damage to at least a couple of those S.I. models!! NO JOKE!!

And yes, even though Charles Barkley & Shaq always say they have the best jobs TV, I think Guillermo has them beat. I’m sure a lot of hard work goes into what he does each night, but it just looks like he’s having the time of his life doing it. Major props to Jimmy Kimmel for creating a type of Howard Stern-esque atmosphere on his late night show. I think that’s why the show works so well.